3D Wallpaper – Top Tips to Zero in on the Right Choice

Desktops need not be dull and drab affairs any more. With the scores of 3D wallpaper designs available these days, you can so easily bring them to life. From pictures of sun, sand and surf to those of the Egyptian pyramids or 3D panorama view of skylines of major cities, there is no dearth of options for you to choose from nowadays.

One of the biggest differences between ordinary 2D and 3D wallpapers lies in the detailing. No doubt, that there are several 2D wallpapers that could be just as attractive as the 3D ones. However, the 3D ones are more detailed. Research has proven that 3D visuals have more impact on the sensory objects. With a 3D wallpaper you feel so much a part of the picture. For example, if you take even a cursory glance at a 3D wallpaper of natural scenery, you instantly feel that you are a part of the scenery.

One of the most important things that you need to factor in when downloading a 3D wallpaper is the resolution of your computer’s monitor. This is important since it is only when there is a correct match that you get the most out of wallpapers. You need to check the technical specifications of your computer’s monitor in order to find out the optimum resolution wallpaper that will suit it. These days you can find wallpapers in a wide range of resolutions from 1024 x 768 going on till 5120 x 1600 of even higher. With the advent of dual monitor computers and the wide format screens, the variety is expected to increase in the near future.

While there are scores of websites from where you can download 3D wallpapers, make sure that you do so from a reputable online source. Remember, for every genuine site, there are several dubious ones, from where you can so easily end up with downloads of harmful viruses or malware, that could so easily damage your computer. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable website. You must also make sure that your computer has all the necessary software installed for downloading as well as displaying the 3D wallpaper of your choice.

Since the choice available is wide, it is better to narrow down your size initially itself in order to zero in on the right choice. You will first of all need to decide on the type of 3D wallpaper that you want. Whether it is the famed Manhattan Skyline that you want? Or are scenes from Hawaiian beaches that you prefer? Whatever may be your choice, once you have made a decision, it would become easier for you to search and arrive at the right one in quick time.


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